2016 was a very special year for Trebula Suffenàs. The reopening of this splendid site meant that the conditions for the development of a cultural center in the Aniene valley could be created that could lead to a wider cultural offer in the whole area.

2016 also saw the implementation of a series of events aimed at involving the local realities present in the territory. Trebula Suffenàs has become a stage of events such as “The taste beyond the garden” or the Wine tasting day in which they were invited to participate, within a unique framework, the agro-food companies and wine producers of the territory.

The activities carried out until today are proof of how the archaeological park is deeply linked to the territory and its traditions. Our goal is to continue working in synergy with the local tourist offices and bring more people to the wonderful territory near Rome.

For more information about the opportunity to visit the archaeological park or to make events in a special place, you can contact us directly at the numbers provided in the contact section.

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